Passion Inspired Life Blog Has Moved 11/1/10

I  have MOVED my blog onto my Step Forward Coaching site at Please bookmark that site as the new location for all the Passion Inspired Life videos/articles you’re used to reading daily.

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Your NOW – Assess What You Feel And Think

Where are you NOW. It is important to assess where “you” are NOW, what are your thoughts and feelings now…and where would you like to be with them.

Once you are clear about your visions, you have written them down, and told others the next step is to feel the reality of them. Put yourself there, this is the second step in The Law of Attraction process. Step forward into what it feels like when it happens, that clear vision you sent out into the universe, in your mind move into that space. Visit me at for more details to this next step.

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Clarification And The Law Of Attraction

Clarification and The Law of Attraction, most of us have areas of our lives we either don’t like or would like to improve upon.

Knowing what you don’t want is as important as knowing what you do want. Most of us have a really tough time expressing what we do want. Either we no longer believe it is actually possible, others are telling us it is not possible, or we don’t even allow ourselves to dream at all never mind BIG.

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Step Forward To Fulfillment

Step Forward to fulfillment by using a five step process using the Law of Attraction.

People often ask me how do I get what I want when I want it?

There are five steps that you can follow using the Law of Attraction that will lead you to manifesting and realizing what you want. I will discuss these five steps going forward in my videos. Visit my site for more

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A New York Minute

My morning the last 3 days in New York – walking from 33rd Ave Penn Station to 58th Ave – energizing!

Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

Series 4

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Who Is Your Saboteur?

Do you know who your Saboteur is?

Do you know how to recognize your Saboteur?

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What Are Your Values?

What are your values, and on a scale of one to ten score yourself on if they are apart of your daily life.

Values are very important to most of us, but much of the time we push them aside or they get covered up by old beliefs and things that are less important, by the daily mundane.

A good way to tell if you are not being true to your values is if you have a feeling of being unfulfilled in your day. If there is nothing that lights you up, makes your energy level rise.

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